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What are the benefits of Antinol®?

Antinol®︎ is a joint and wellbeing supplement, clinically proven to support your pet’s joint health. Enabling your pet to get out there and enjoy life.  Antinol® is made from Green Lipped Mussels, sustainably farmed in the pristine waters of the Marl

My pet already takes a joint supplement. Why should we switch to Antinol®?

Antinol®︎ is a powerful, fast-acting, natural supplement that is backed by over 20 positive, peer-reviewed clinical studies. With no contraindications or known serious side effects, it is safe for life-long use. We are confident that Antinol®︎ will h

Why should I feed Antinol®?

Our mission is to keep happiness in motion for your pet. By feeding Antinol®, you are supporting their mobility with a highly potent, clinically proven joint supplement, keeping them active and living life to the full. Our softgel capsules are packed

Does Antinol® have any side effects?

Antinol®︎ has no known serious side effects or allergic reactivity, nor does it interact unfavourably with any drugs. It can be used daily to support and promote life-long optimal health.

How long should I feed Antinol® for?

Antinol® is safe for long-term use. We always recommend regular check-ups with your veterinarian.

How quickly will I see a difference in my pet?

Each pet is different! If there are visible mobility issues, most pet parents see results in 10-14 days, depending on age, level of discomfort, and weight. For optimal results, try Antinol® daily, for at least three months, and visit your vet for reg

Can Antinol® be fed with prescription-only medicines?

Antinol® has been proven to be safe and is a natural supplement. Therefore it can be fed in conjunction with MOST prescription-only medicines. Please check with your veterinarian.

Should I consult my Veterinarian before I start my pet on Antinol®?

Antinol®︎ is a natural product with no known serious side effects. As with any product you should read the usage instructions on the back of the pack. If in doubt check with your veterinarian regarding the amount of Antinol®︎ your dog or cat should t

Can I give Antinol® to my new puppy or kitten?

Antinol®︎ is not just for senior pets. It is a powerful health supplement that helps your cat or dog stay active and helps support optimal mobility.

Will my pet like the taste?

Most pets love their Antinol® softgels and most will take them straight from your hand. If not, hide them in their dinner or favorite treat. You can even try popping them straight into their mouth.

Can I use Antinol® with any other supplements?

Antinol® has been shown to be safe alongside prescription medications. However, Antinol® can be your pet’s only joint supplement. It has more positive scientific research than any other supplement on the market.

When should I feed my pet Antinol®?

It’s up to you. With their main meal, or as a treat. When giving the booster amount you can split it through the day, or safely feed in one go.

What if I’m not satisfied with my purchase?

We think you will be, but If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact us to arrange a full, hassle-free refund within 60 days. Please contact us to get in touch to arrange your refund. This warranty does not affect your statutory

Can I give one softgel in the morning and one in the evening?

Whenever you must give more than one softgel, feel free to split them between morning and evening.